Eurom Limited

Competitive Environments

Instant access to information has made the task of maintaining, let alone improving, market position a constant challenge. Awareness of competitive activity is an essential prerequisite of keeping ahead of the game. It has become an almost daily necessity to provide users/customers with up to date information on products and services as they ‘browse’ the digital market place.

Online shopping has transformed conventional marketing methods of High Street retailers of all sizes to a point of adapting or closing. To survive requires an understanding of digital marketing skills and the potential impact of social media on decision making.

A less publicised development has been the increasing competition between schools to attract and retain pupils. This, together with reductions in traditional budget sources, requires innovative and commercial orientated solutions to fill spaces and help generate additional income streams.

Eurom Limited provides marketing consultancy and support services to the retail and educational sectors to help respond to the challenges and opportunities within the digital marketplace.

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