Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Support

It has never been easier to set up websites and social media accounts to help promote products and services to a wider audience. Not just for you but also competitors.

At the same time there is a relentless demand from consumers for immediate and up to date information. A static website and social media presence is not enough, they need to be dynamic and constantly updated to maintain the user’s interest.

The management of effective digital marketing and communication requires commitment in terms of time and innovative content. An awareness and understanding of digital marketing media and how they can be integrated within marketing and promotional strategies is essential together with a realistic appreciation of the time and resources required.

Eurom has a comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing through developing and managing its own web based businesses since 2003. Eurom’s digital media resources can also produce a range of formats for dynamic websites and online advertising where applicable. These include responsive ad formats, static or animated, promotional videos and Web TV Channels.

Eurom manages an online travel business offering tailor made holidays to Southern Italy.


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