Marketing for Schools

Marketing for Schools

Two hour presentations aimed at those responsible for some or all aspects of marketing and promoting the school, including fund raising schemes. A marketing audit visit to the school will also be included prior to the presentation for relevant notes and materials.

Promoting your School

To identify and successfully promote a school’s character, or unique selling points, in a competitive market requires an understanding of the basic principles of marketing and how to implement them. This presentation is aimed at those responsible for promoting the school.

  • School identity and image
  • The prospectus
  • External communications
  • Internal communications
  • Creating atmosphere
  • Open days and events

Break for refreshments

  • Internal creative resources
  • External creative resources
  • The website
  • Networking
  • Research and archives
  • Summary
  • Questions and plan of action

Fundraising and Supplier Sponsorship

Budget restraints make it even more necessary for schools to generate income streams from innovative funding schemes and to minimise costs wherever possible. Fund raising schemes need to be marketed efficiently to maximise returns and supplier sponsorship opportunities fully explored. This presentation is aimed at those responsible for marketing costs and fund raising schemes.

  • What are the current marketing costs ?
  • Who are the existing ‘ongoing’ suppliers ?
  • What sponsorship opportunities could be offered ?
  • Other ‘non supplier’ sponsorship opportunities

Break for refreshments

  • Fund raising schemes – time and management
  • Ready made or in-house innovations
  • Alumni contributions
  • Thinking ‘out of the box’
  • Summary
  • Questions and plan of action

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